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Plastic Handle Cuticle Trimmer

SKU: AB-1825
Cuticle Trimmer Double Ended, V Shape, Plastic Handle, 12 cm. Small and Flexible, can takes away all those straggly pieces of dry skin around your cuticles.

Professional Cuticle Pusher & Remover

SKU: AB-1826
Professional Steel Cuticle Pusher & Remover Tool, Dual ended, one end oval with other end straight scraper blade, 5 inches

Dual Ended Cuticle Trimmer

SKU: AB-1827
Double ended Cuticle Trimmer has one V-shaped end to trim the cuticles, other rubber top is super gentle on your cuticles,Very comfortable to use.

Spoon Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaner

SKU: AB-1828
Double ended Stainless Steel Spoon Cuticle Pusher with Scraper,Textured handle for non-slip grip. 14 cm

Cuticle Pusher

SKU: AB-1829
Double sided nail cuticle pusher with a non-slip grip.

Cuticle Pusher and Remover

SKU: AB-1830
Cuticle Pusher and Remover,Round Side For Pushing Cuticles and Removing Gel Nail Polish,Other End helps to Clean under the Nails.

Podiatry Toenail File

SKU: AB-1831
Stainless Steel Ingrown Toenail File For Podiatry,Double Ended straight to file sharp corners to relieve ingrown nail problems,Textured hand for a non-slip grip.

Cuticle Pushers

SKU: AB-1832
Double ended Cuticle Nail Pusher for comfortable and pain free use.

Ingrown Toenail File

SKU: AB-1833
Stainless Steel Ingrown Toenail File,One side curved and the other side straight to file sharp corners to relieve ingrown nail problems,Textured hand for a non-slip grip.

Stainless Steel Nail Cleaner

SKU: AB-1834
SS spoon nail cleaner with textured handle for non-slip grip, Double curved ends are for both left and right foot, The curved ends of the little spoons makes it easier to get under the closest area of toenail to grab even the smallest bits of debris.

Rose Gold Cuticle Pushers

SKU: AB-1835
A-Nail Cuticle Pusher & Cleaner B-Nail Cleaner & Nail Polish Remover C-Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaner, All tools are PVD plasma rose gold coated, Autoclave cuticle pushers to avoid rust and can be sterilized to increase the life of tool.

Cuticle Pushers

SKU: AB-1836
This two-sided dual-action cuticle tool helps in giving your hands a salon-quality look.