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Ingrown Toenail File

SKU: AB-1849
Specially Designed Ingrown Toenail File relieves the pressure of ingrown nails.Stainless Steel.Both sides has file graved.

Pterygium Remover Pinch Tweezers

SKU: AB-1850
Young Nails Magic Wand Pterygium Remover Pinch Tweezers has the functionality of three tools that do several different things.One end is a c-curve tool and reverse pinch while the other is a pusher and scraper.

Cuticle Trimmer

SKU: AB-1851
Cuticle Trimmer Double Ended,V Shape,Plastic Handle,Pink & White Color,13 cm

Cuticle Trimmer

SKU: AB-1852
Cuticle Trimmer Double Ended,V Shape,Plastic Handle, 12 cm

Nail Piercing Dangle Drill Tool

SKU: AB-1853
Easy to make a dangle on nail decoration just drill a hole in the tip of the nail,Drill tip is contained inside the body for safe and easy storage,Screw in cover can also be screwed on the other end for an easy grip,Gold Plated Finishing,Length:2.8 inch

Plastic Cuticle Pusher

SKU: AB-1854
Plastic Cuticle Pusher with pushing edges buffed smooth to prevent scratching the nail.

Plastic Handle Cuticle Pusher

SKU: AB-1855
Plastic Handle Cuticle Pusher With Hard Rubber Tip,Dual Tipped for Cuticle Pushing and Cleaning,Ergonomic Beveled Handle.